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Art has become an important part of our life. , Art and craft not only represents our culture but helps us to learn new and different attractive things.

The primary purpose of Art education is to develop creativity, individuality and expression holistically through incalculable art-related activities. Art education fosters both cultural awareness and cultural practices and is the only means by which knowledge and appreciation of the art and culture are transmitted from one generation to the next. Education , as a planned endeavour, at a personal level on a small scale or institutional level on a large scale, aims to making children capable of becoming knowledgeable , responsible, productive, and caring members of society . They are made familiar with the various practices of the community by learning the relevant skills and ideas.

Presently in DPS Dhenkanal we have specific days of art and crafts classes in a week. The students are encouraged to reflect their creativity to produce unique and original work. They are also exhorted to put their imagination and creativity on craft unit projects given on fabric designs, pen stands, wall hangings etc.

India is a land of diverse cultures and to expose the students into different cultures we have expert music and dance teachers to train our students in different types of music and dance.

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